Anders Gustafson, Executive Director

B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies - University of Alaska, Anchorage - 2002

Wasting no time and still new to Alaska, Anders an avid fisherman,  became a fishing guide in Bristol Bay his first summer in College. Since that time he has never missed a single Bristol Bay salmon season. Even while working out of state and running a large computer software company in Minnesota his fish like senses brought him back to the teaming rivers of Bristol Bay.

Realizing that the rivers of Alaska were a vital piece of his life, Anders returned to Alaska to start his first small business, Alaska Audio Tours. Within days of his return his business was featured on the Channel 2 news Business report which spring-boarded him into more production work around the state. Developing those skill landed him several years of work with a local major motor-home business as well as creating independent productions which were featured on many websites, including; New York Times.

Though his passion for business creation is strong, ultimately his passion for guiding on the Mulchatna and Koktuli rivers is stronger. In recent years,  Anders has become the Executive Director of the Renewable Resources Coalition and Foundation in Alaska and has worked tirelessly to educate Alaskans and the world about the Pebble Mine issue. With intimately knowledge about the region and the value of the renewable resources at stake there, Anders is here to explain the business benefits to protecting the last great wild salmon run in the world.