Fisheries jobs, graying fleet trend increase - The Bristol Bay Times Fish Factor


Why are fewer young Alaskans taking up fishing permits? In this Bristol Bay Times article, Laine Welch takes a look at the graying of the fleet trend seen in Alaska's fisheries. One important detail that stuck out is that "the seafood industry provides more jobs in Alaska than the oil/gas, mining, timber and tourism industries combined. Wow! more

Bristol Bay 2013 Sockeye Salmon Run Forecast Drops to 26 Million Fish


The Fishermen's News Online published this report regarding the sockeye salmon forecast for 2013. Former RRC board member and general manager of Leader Creek Seafoods, Norm Van Vactor, was quoted in this article. more

Scientists respond to EPA risk assessments


  Here's the 3rd installment of The Bristol Bay Times series on the EPA Peer Review responses. Thank you to the Bristol Bay Times for breaking down these answers for us. What a great feature! -- By Carey Restino on November 30, more

Bristol Bay 2013 sockeye salmon run prediction: 26 million fish


 Alaska Fish & Game release their 2013 Bristol Bay sockeye salmon forecast on Monday. Read more about the predictions in today's Cordova Times article by Margaret Bauman. -- Bristol Bay 2013 sockeye salmon run prediction: 26 million fish Posted 11/28/ more