The mission of the Renewable Resources Foundation is to protect the ongoing viability of Alaska's fish and game resources and the habitat upon which they depend; and to educate the public on issues that affect these renewable resources.

The Renewable Resources Foundation is dedicated to the continuing protection of our commercial, sport, and subsistence fisheries, as well as maintaining Alaska’s renowned hunting and fishing heritage. Through our ongoing efforts to engage Alaskans and educate the public on issues involving our unique natural resources we hope to preserve for future generations an Alaska that remains wild and pristine, an Alaska where our children and grandchildren will reap the same rewards and experience the same sense of awe that so many of us have experienced over the course of our lives here.

Our fisheries, including those of Bristol Bay, which supports the greatest run of wild salmon on the planet, are a natural wonder as dramatic and unique as The Grand Canyon or the California red woods, and it is our sincere hope that future generations of Alaskans, and all Americans, will enjoy their beauty and the sustenance they provide, for time immemorial.